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How to create a modern dance group

I can't believe it's not sugar !

Fyra konstformer träffades för att skapa en dansföreställning. Dansaren föll bort.

Författaren Linn Hansén, musikern Christoffer Berg och konstnären Fredric Gunve presenterar I can't believe it's not sugar – how to create a modern dance group,
en dansföreställning där konflikten – eller överenskommelsen – mellan närvaro och frånvaro av dans gestaltas på scen.
Utifrån sina respektive expertkompetenser arbetar de sig under sommaren fram till föreställningens uruppförande på Röhsska museet, Göteborg, Love love / Dans- och teaterfestivalen
den 17 augusti 2008, kl 19:00, och svarar då på frågan: Vad är dans?


I can't believe it's not sugar !

Four art forms met to create a dance show. The Dancer went away.

The author Linn Hansén, the musician Christoffer Berg and the artist Fredric Gunve presents I can't believe it's not sugar – how to create a modern dance group, a dance show where the conflict, or the agreement, between presence and absence of dance is shown on stage.
With the artist specific knowledge in their individual artistic fields they will, during the summer, work towards the premier of the show at Röhsska museet, Göteborg, Sweden, called "Love love / Dans- och teaterfestivalen" which premiers on the 17 of August 2008, 19:00, and
then they will answer the question: What is DANCE?


How to create a modern dance g Posted on Thu, August 07, 2008 09:54:18

can’t believe it’s not sugar!

– How
to create a modern dance group


1. En
tankens dans kan vara vad som krävs efter en lång dag på

– dance generally refers to movement of the body.
generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhytmic and to
music. Dans
är vad som kommer sedan. Dans kan också ske mellan djur.
Även vinden dansar. En tankens dans kan vara vad som krävs
efter en lång dag på kontoret.

be fit for dance, all the aspects mentioned in this chapter are

– dancer, dance teacher, dance sport coach, dance therapist,
påklädare, elektriker.
Även enskilda aktörer kan turnera världen runt. Folkdans har dansats av vanligt folk. Det är svårt att tala friktionsfritt om fritidsintressen.
To be fit for dance, all the aspects mentioned in this chapter are essential. What is required is a balance of exercise, training in skills, rest and relaxation and an adequate diet. You are what you eat. A chocolate bar? If you wish to improve your co-ordination in dance training, then cut out the junk food and settle for the fish.

a knee-length dress with elaborate hemlines

– prova en väst.
The dancers often perform in bare feet. Sometimes the dividing line between performer and the audience may become blurred. Deltagande demokrati. Att efter föreställningen ta sig ett glas.
How to dance: Wear dark, neutral colored slacks.

är fortfarande scenen, slipsen dansaren och huvudet publiken

– learn how an unhappy facial expression can be corrected.
får inte pågå för alltid. En starttid och en
slutpunkt måste utses och respekteras. Det måste vara ett
specifikt rum eller åtminstone inte överallt. Det måste
råda konsensus kring att det är föreställning.

like you normally would, facing your partner

how to create a modern dance group

som står kvar nu har vi valt att kalla Fundamentet. När
man smeker motpartens kind och viskar ”uppgjort”. Dansare känns
igen på att de är hela och rena. Dansare lever i flera år.

can take place at someone’s house, or even at a dollar store.
on the other hand, is subjective.


is the name given to a group of
20th century concert dance forms. It is a collection of systems and
methods developed from Modern and Postmodern dance, thus contemporary
dance is not a specific dance technique. Australian, European,
Canadian and American contemporary dance differ from each other in a
number of ways.[citation needed]

For the camera

How to create a modern dance g Posted on Sun, August 03, 2008 10:39:43

We are to make a show out of the material the three of us have collecting
about dance. It´s all very subjective and private. But it will contain
the feeling for what dance can be. For me it is to enter a new realm, a
world of body movements according to new and unexplored rules.

To make this come real and get the show going I believe we have to be
open and transparent . We must show our search toward the answer What
is DANCE. We must do this even on stage.

//–>This is one night after work. I spent the
night in a small guest room my work provide for occasion’s like this. I
spent my evening trying out privet dances for me and the camera.

This is one of them. If they “are about” something, I must say that
would be about being and feeling after a long day at work. To get it
out of the system maybe.

Think if this body behaviours were to be standard after work, on buses,
trams and in the metro after the work day. All commuters shaking of the
stiffness of the day before going home.

dance – emotional function

How to create a modern dance g Posted on Sat, August 02, 2008 13:06:13

I saw a documentary about a priest and an imam the other day. they where living in Nigeria and they had been bitter enemies in a local war between the church and the mosque.   One day the imam had an epiphany and realized that he must forgive the christians and try to live in peace with them side by side.   After a long time of fragile movment towards eachother, they are now best friends and their families travel together to resolve local conflicts like the one they where involved in.<br><br>
in the end of the film, there was the last forgiveness-meeting of christians and muslims in a village. Everyone had dressed up in colourful costumes and had prepared for three days of dancing together.<br>
the religious leaders stood up and spoke in a PA-system – things like “we have used our holy books to misslead you into war with eachother, and we where wrong. the key to peaceful prayer is forgiveness, and there are no rules in the koran or bible against being social outside of our separate religious communities.”<br><br>
and then they started singing, drumming and dancing together. i started crying, i was so moved. they interviewed one of the most beautiful dancers. her father had been killed, and some of her brothers. unbeliavable.<br><br>
So – what is the need that is fulfilled by three days of dancing? obviously, in this case: forgiveness. that means dance must be very very powerful in also moving the mind.<br><br>
Can the body persue the mind to move forward?<br><br>
is this the tickeling sensation that i have felt when i have watched dance-performances?<br><br>
can it be that just watching dancers move THEIR bodies moves OUR own mind forward?<br><br>
How does it affect the emotional function of the dance when we put the dancers on a stage and the audience on seats?<br><br>
Is this the very difference between ART and CULTURE?<br><br>
The barrier between the stage and the audience / The barrier between the body and the mind / the barrier between reality and fiction / the barrier between the worldly and the sacred…<br>


How to create a modern dance g Posted on Fri, August 01, 2008 11:24:25

Dancing comes from within.
A need for something more than just function.
This summer I have meet a lot of disabled people in my job. Disabilities always make me think about how we in our society see function and lack of function. Who, what and how function is wived upon.
My body is fully functional according to today social standard. I can see, walk eat by my self, dress and go to the toilet without help. I do have glasses, but such miner disability dose not count in this society. But when I see all these trained dancers and what they can do with there body’s I wonder about my body and what this body can´t do. Do me not being fit enough for extreme jumps and spinning on my head make me slightly less able (disable?) than the person who can do all these things?
There is more then just able and disable. There is also the need for something beyond function, beyond body competing. There is also the need for feeling the body both from inside and outside. The humans, and I guess most animals, have a need for aesthetic movements that we would call dance or dance like movements. We need it to feel alive, to feel and be more than just reproducing machines.
Dancing is the most important unnecessary movement of our body, that we cant do without.

Dancing Legs

How to create a modern dance g Posted on Sat, July 26, 2008 19:23:55

//–>I realise this clip also focus on the image and the movement of the camera. But it is closer to a feeling from inside the body than before.

Follow the movements of the body, looking down on your self. This motion is not for others, it is for me (for the one acting out the inside motion).

Hip HopTap dancing

How to create a modern dance g Posted on Fri, July 25, 2008 11:33:55

This is dancing as I like it.

Dancing leg

How to create a modern dance g Posted on Fri, July 25, 2008 11:10:34

On our search for What is DANCE? I just realised how much my visual-arts
background defines my wive on dancing. All my short films so far have
been focused on the image. How the image dances in front of
us. But not from inside of the body. This is a classic dilemma of
how the camera can trick you to believe it to be the truth.

I must now try to search for the dance from inside out. Not the reversed motion I have been doing up till now.

A new and exiting experience is up for next time. <!–

To get by with what you have

How to create a modern dance g Posted on Fri, July 25, 2008 10:35:28

Tap dancing, the everyday experience and possibility.
Now sounds, made by the dancer, are being added. This is the sound of dance (one of the sounds of dance).
Must remember the sound of bar feats moving on the floor. I never liked
that sound. It´s the leftovers of something that was not meant for me
to hear. Like overhearing a private conversation.
But in tap dancing, you are meant to hear the sound.

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