We are to make a show out of the material the three of us have collecting
about dance. It´s all very subjective and private. But it will contain
the feeling for what dance can be. For me it is to enter a new realm, a
world of body movements according to new and unexplored rules.

To make this come real and get the show going I believe we have to be
open and transparent . We must show our search toward the answer What
is DANCE. We must do this even on stage.

//–>This is one night after work. I spent the
night in a small guest room my work provide for occasion’s like this. I
spent my evening trying out privet dances for me and the camera.

This is one of them. If they “are about” something, I must say that
would be about being and feeling after a long day at work. To get it
out of the system maybe.

Think if this body behaviours were to be standard after work, on buses,
trams and in the metro after the work day. All commuters shaking of the
stiffness of the day before going home.